ADC Wallet – How To Manually Add Nodes

The 1.2.2 version of the ADC wallet will sometimes need nodes adding manually to connect to the ADC network. Fortunately this process is very easy.

Here’s how:

Within your wallet go to Settings > Debug > Console (tab)

Step Two:

Get a list of current nodes from the block explorer here.

Click the node list button next to the satoshi 1.2.2 row and copy the current node list

Now go back to the ADC console window and input the following line for each node. (Hit return after each line and if there is no error you can input the next IP address)

addnode add  (hit return)

addnode add (etc)

Once you have added a few nodes your wallet should connect quite quickly. It’s a good idea to connect to as many nodes as possible as this will aid staking and network stability.