ADC Roadmap

2018 Roadmap

2018 Roadmap Visualisation

Blockpool are proud to announce their 2018 roadmap, visualised in the preceding graphic which is a result of a brilliant collaboration between the community and ourselves.

As can be clearly seen a lot has already happened. The Bjork partnership, a proof of concept of what ADC can do when combined with Blockpool’s BiT, has brought so much attention to both Blockpool, BPL and ADC. Anyone can go to her store (click here to visit) and purchase items using ADC, BTC, DASH or LTC. We achieved this by developing a Magento Payment Plugin which integrated with her existing systems, including warehouse fulfillment, and allowed her to easily and painlessly take advantage of the crypto boom without having to change her legacy systems.

This is the power of the blockchain, but in your day to day lives.

With the success of Bjork we instigated a Great Million ADC Giveaway to announce and spread the word of the awesome things that are on their way and it was a huge success; so much so that we actually had to increase the number of people rewarded to make it fair.

Originally ADC was closely associated with Aurovine, a ground breaking website that allows content creators and their consumers to earn ADC while creating and consuming music. This is still central to the purpose of ADC and so for the past several months we have been working hard to integrate Aurovine with the refreshed ADC chain, managed again via BiT (the same technology that Bjork took advantage of). This project is nearing completion so watch this space for more news soon.

Another awesome partnership we have developed is with the Salute Music Competition which ran last year. They are rewarding all their winners from an ADC prize fund and this distribution will be done in the next few weeks. From a Blockpool perspective this is exciting as it will be making use of the awesome Claims path via BiT that signposts towards BPL Sidechains. But more on that in another post.

What you are reading here is evidence of the third item on the “what are we doing now?” list; we are going to be much more active in updating this website, and the one at At least once a week we produce a report from our internal meetings with news and updates on progress. These are shared via various media and we will add these to this page.

You’d think that was enough to be getting on with however we have a full pipeline of partnership announcements, some imminent and some a bit further away, which will all appear here, on our Discord, via the BitCoinTalk ANN channel and on Reddit (here and here).

Further into the future Blockpool will be undergoing a rebranding process which will include Audiocoin. ADC will become a sidechain of BPL and we are always looking to get BPL and ADC listed on additional exchanges. Finally, as a teaser, one of the opportunities we are working towards is partnerships with festival organisers. There is so much there that Blockpool and ADC can help with.

So, there you have it. A roadmap for the future, a roadmap for success.