Education & Bass join the ADC Marketplace

19.10.18 02:18 PM Comment(s) By Tim

AudioCoin in partnership with Education & Bass

We’re proudly announcing our latest partnership and AudioCoin marketplace member: Education & Bass - an online music production school offering courses, tutorials, seminars, and production tips comprising all genres of electronic music.

Education & Bass is a unique concept combining music and arts education with live performances delivered and performed by respected industry specialists and college/university lecturers. Education & Bass thrives on sharing production techniques, advice and guidance on industry practices and performance, contextualizing music history and culture, and building a community of like-minded individuals as a forum for discussion on all aspects of music.

As a new addition to their curriculum, AudioCoin is helping Education & Bass teach students about blockchain technology and how it can benefit the music industry.

As a means of enabling aspiring musicians with limited resources, Education & Bass will soon be accepting AudioCoin for tuitions, sample packs, and mastering and mentoring services.

About AudioCoin:

AudioCoin is a digital currency designed for the music industry that provides new ways to consume, market, and monetize music.AudioCoin empowers both artists (producers) and music fans (consumers) with tangible rewards for creating and engaging with content online.

A stable coin since 2013, AudioCoin’s partners include recording studios, record labels, music industry publications, music festivals, and Aurovine - an online music streaming, marketing, and monetization platform.

Aurovine rewards fans with AudioCoin for liking, rating, and sharing music on social media - which can now be used to launch an aspiring musical career.

This partnership furthers our goal of empowering both musicians and fans through creative applications of blockchain technology and digital currency.

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