The AudioCoin Marketplace – An Artist’s Journey

29.10.18 06:14 PM Comment(s) By Devan

The following blog post is a work of fiction outlining our work thus far and our vision for the AudioCoin Marketplace.

Meet Henk. Henk loves music. 

So much that he aspires to form a band and record his own album some day. The problem is, he just doesn’t have the resources available for music equipment and lessons.

Henk is constantly listening to music and recently discovered Aurovine – a new way for fans to get rewarded for engaging with musical content online. He searched for his favorite artist on Aurovine, Hypothetica, and learned that he can earn AudioCoin (ADC) for liking, rating, and sharing their tracks on social media.

He liked and shared to his heart’s content, eventually saving up enough ADC to land himself a top spot on Hypothetica’s reward earnings leaderboard. As the top reward earning fan, Henk received an additional ADC payout as a perk and a shout out from the band on social media.

With a fresh stack of ADC, Henk purchased tickets to Sweden’s Live at Heart festival, where he was so inspired by the talent and workshops that he decided he was going to make his own mark in the music world.

Utilizing his ADC stack, Henk enrolled in online music production lessons with Education & Bass. 3 short months later he was producing his own original tracks and impressing his Education & Bass instructors. Henk made such a mark that he was invited to play his first gig at a live Education & Bass event, where he met some like minded individuals and went on to form a band, Henk and the Coolkids.

Henk and the Coolkids continued liking, rating, and sharing their favorite music on Aurovine, earning enough to purchase gear, record and master their debut album, “Decentralized Love” at the prestigious  Miloco Studios.

They published “Decentralized Love” on Aurovine and the album was such a hit that the Aurovine team invited Henk and the Coolkids to perform at Aurovine Artists’ Night in London. The recording was captured using OpenLIVE recording technology, and then uploaded to Aurovine to be liked, rated, and shared by Henk and the Coolkids' fanbase.

Henk now rewards his own fans with AudioCoin for liking, rating, and sharing his songs through Aurovine.

The AudioCoin Marketplace has taken Henk full circle.

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