The following blog post is a work of fiction outlining our work thus far and our vision for the AudioCoin Marketplace.
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AudioCoin's updated roadmap for 2018 and beyond.
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2018 Roadmap 2018 Roadmap Visualisation Blockpool are proud to announce their 2018 roadmap, visualised in the preceding graphic which is a result of a brilliant collaboration between the community and ourselves. As can be clearly seen a lot has already happened. The Bjork partnership, a proof of concept of what...
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In another mainstream use case for ADC, Salute Music Makers, fronted by former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey, are using ADC on their unique Facebook based Internet platform with a television talent-show tie-in and the highest payout of any performing arts contest. In addition to the cash prizes ...
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In a long overdue move, a major music artist has integrated cryptocurrency payments and rewards into the payment and (interestingly) rewards process via the One Little Indian store

Bjork has upheld her reputation for being an innovator and Jesse Damiani writing for Forbes has even gone so far ...
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