What is Audiocoin?

A stable coin for an unstable industry.

The music industry is stacked with problems and politics making for a very uneven landscape in terms of fair share revenue and transparency.

As a fully decentralised coin ADC is available and open for all to build applications and solutions to rectify these inherent problems. After 4 years there are some very solid mainstream projects experimenting with adoption and this provides some encouragement for the future.

We will continue to support development of the coin, but ultimately the community will determine its future.

Staking enables flexibility.

At the time of writing around 834 million ADC have been generated through staking. Anyone with a local wallet can ‘stake’ coins by running on a local machine. Staking rates are high at an annualized rate of 18%.

Depending on community consensus and for the long term health of the coin there are plans to reduce the stake rate to between 6 and 9% in 2018.

What is the long term goal of ADC?

Companies like Blockpool are building solutions and applications on the top of ADC. These applications are getting more creative and sophisticated. These blockchain apps will slowly replace traditional music industry infrastructure and lead to greater transparency whilst empowering users and artists. The nature of a decentralised ledger brings transparency to legacy systems.


Audiocoin (ADC) was conceived in 2013 as a hybrid POW/POS Scrypt coin.

POW mining stopped at around block 525,000 and the coin has been POS ever since. The coin is fully decentralised apart from a small development fund used to help the ongoing infrastructure/upgrades and marketing.

Wallets have been upgraded to 3rd incarnation (15/03/18). Source code is on the github
1.3 is the current stable version available for all platforms.